Saturday, July 16, 2011

~ Phases of Growing Up ~

my super cool roomates
( mar, yong & ain )
awesome roomates :)
( wanie, ain, ean, juma )
my Gfs forever

best buddy ;)
bestie, Diana :)

i used to spend my student's life with them... it was fun although we fight with each other sometimes. 

kawan- kawan yang dah kerja selalu pesan, hargai saat2 jadi pelajar. dulu tyme belajar buat tak kesah jea pesanan tu. tp sekarang bila dah habis baru faham kata2 tu. the statement is true, indeed. life as a student is precious as compared to commitment life. i mean the commitment towards studying is super fun if compared to working life. dulu tyme belajar sempat lagi nak enjoy2, hantar assignment last minute, study pun last minute,  kawan selalu ada kat sekeliling. sekarang kalau semua nak buat last minute, duit pun last lah masuk. kawan- kawan pun dah dengan life masing-masing. 

now, baru nak start fikir pasal future. it's not an easy task as I can't decide it for myself. rasa macam nak duk kat rumah jea jadi suri rumahtangga yang bertauliah. honestly, I hate to realize that this reality has come to hit me. 

I hate to confess it but, oh I love being a student ;)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

~ Day 111 ~

everyday the same thoughts haunt my mind. everyday the same questions repeat themselves over and over like a constant echo in my head. everyday feels like a routine of the same emotions.


i look for an escape.