Sunday, November 28, 2010

~ a PROMISE made should be a PROMISE kept ~

semua orang suka bagi janji kan? atas macam-macam sebab. ada sebab nak tenangkan hati, ada yang nak menjaga hati, ada yang nak menarik hati. yang penting semua berkaitan dengan hati.hehe. tapi boleh ke semua janji tu dipercayai? sebab ada yang tipu sunat, dan ada juga yang memang tipu betul. macam mana nak bezakan tu?

i hate promises, actually. because i tend to fully believe in it.

janji buat saya letak harapan yang tinggi, janji buat saya berangan jauh, janji buat saya anggap fantasi boleh jadi realiti. itu kesan janji pada saya. saya? memang jarang berjanji sebab saya bimbang janji saya akan memberi kesan yang buruk.

cuma satu yang saya asyik fikir pasal janji.  janji lelaki. ada orang cakap, lelaki suka bagi janji manis. orang yang cakap, bukan saya. betul ke? selalu janji lelaki mesti macam ni kan:

1) saya janji saya sayang awk sorang jea.

2) cuma awak sorang jea dalam hati saya. memang xde yang lain dah. saya janji.

3) saya taknak orang lain, nak awak jugak.

4) saya nak sayang awak sorang jea seumur hidup saya. sampai saya mati.

so, boleh percaya ke? kalau dah putus hubungan, mana dah sayang awak kat saya dulu?
kalau saya dah takde, kenapa awak cari yang lain juga?
kalau orang lain ngorat awak, kenapa cinta awak tergugat juga?

this post is not a matter of personal. yes, indeed. but i just wonder what about your promises to me? hope they are really true. because mine are all true :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

~ Graduation Dinner ~

12/11/2010: pre-graduation dinner

*satu momen yang boleh dijadikan kenangan*

several months to go. dan bakal bergelar graduan. insyaAllah. hooray!

p/s: kredit to jae & freddy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

~ Do Me a FaVoUr ~

he thinks that I am talkative
his friends think that I am quiet

she thinks that I am a easy going person
her friends think that I am too unfriendly

afterall, it doesn't matter me much. but I only want to know. what's YOUR opinion? about me.
or maybe I have split identity ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

~ the TAKERS ~

went to watch a movie last week. TAKERS. a movie directed by John Luessenhop which revolves around a group of intelligent & skillful robbers. they try to pull off one last job with more money at stake than ever before. but the reality shows who's taking who. and and the actors are actually one of the reasons that attract me to watch it ;)

- paul walker, idris elba, hayden christensen, T.I, michael ely, chris brown -

overall, it's a nice movie even the effects are quite shaky. tapi tapi, my favourite guy is dead. in this, baby, i am down, down, down, down, down. movie jea pun kan...feeling terlebih plk.oh hayden...sob3!

but the climax of the day is, with parallel to the movie that I've watched, my beloved wedges also been 'taken' by a 'taker'. it feels so sad. it is more pathetic when it happened at a mosque. how could somebody take other's belongings at a holy place???so advice of this post, take care of your belongings wherever, whenever you are. I've learnt my lesson.

Friday, November 5, 2010

~ LiFe's ExPeCtaTioN ~

am currently listening to Coldplay & Lifehouse songs. their songs always calm me. it feels soothing. like you're surrounded by the beauty of nature with the combination of the careness of the breeze touching you.

I am not in a good condition right now. it's not a bad condition but it's just not a good one. how I miss to talk to someone. to have a meaningful conversation. the feeling seems to be forgotten by me. how I long to spend precious moment with my friends. it's been months that we do not have a good hang out altogether. how I wish to be around my family at this moment. to voice out everything. and how I crave for your attention. as the moment will end soon.

I do not expect anything unexpected. I just want to maintain a good relationship with everyone and have a good life. that's all I wish.