Monday, August 29, 2011

compassionate ~

honestly, I don't have much feeling to celebrate Raya this year.

master degree saya masih dalam proses application. hampir putus asa dengan proses yang agak menyukarkan kerana faktor jarak. hidup mengalami perubahan drastik tapi kosong. i keep praying tapi manusia biasa lumrahnya memang suka mempersoalkan.

Ramadhan is such a blessed month. it brings hope to me. it makes me realize not to wonder  why Allah doesn't grant my wishes immediately as He also doesn't punish me immediately for all of my mistakes.for the mistake of questioning, of giving up easily, of losing hope. surely, You are most merciful.

for now, I am just being thankful and praying that I will meet Ramadhan again in next years. anyway, have a wonderful Eid celebration peeps :)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ hYp0cRiTeS ~

now you'll realize when people stop talking to you, they'll start talking about you.and in the end you always go back to the people who where there for you in the beginning. when it comes to this situation, I salute the above quote.

Monday, August 8, 2011

~ meLancHoLiC ~

he always told me that reality is nice. because he could met me.

I've known him forever. i know how he always like the idea of getting up in the morning and make a morning call to his lover. how he would rather not to smoke in front of his lover. he's considerate like that. though sometimes he will be an annoying person when he turns to an ignorance.

my thoughts somehow are always with you. I wonder what you're doing and who you're with.I wonder if you still love to go to karaoke when you feel stress. I wonder if you still go to movies while i'm not around. I wonder how your days have been. I always wonder every little thing about you.

you know why? because you are my anchor, my pillar, my strength, my hope, my universe and supremely my everything. I am glad the last time I saw you, you seem to be in perfectly-well condition. we were just fine.

then reality hits me.

I love you, you love her. 

now I vote one for reality is cruel.