Monday, December 28, 2009

~ YoU mAkE mE FeeL _Ad

You have changed...

I don't know why... I just feel different.
Your words seem rude to me... your attitude seems harsh to me.
There's no more great and sincere laughter between us.

You think I'm mad at you...No, I don't.
I'm just mad at myself...Just because...
I can't understand you anymore. I guess I never do.
Even how hard I keep on trying.

After all, I think it's me that have changed!!!
Yeah, it's me.
For being such sensitive and emotional girL...
I just can't lie to myself....

p/s: sowry 11x =(

Monday, December 14, 2009

~ wHaT a Day ~

i've been robbed...

now I know what is the feeling of losing something that quite important
when you have it you seem to take it for granted
but once you lose it, you will regret it
serve me right...

the incident gave quite an impact to me
but then through the incident also I come to realize something
I could get to know the people that will be supporting me and the group that will ignore me
thanks a lot guys for the concern...
I appreciate it s0000 much =))

Saturday, December 12, 2009

~ H0pE d SkY iS aLwAyS bLuE ~

twinkle twinkle little stars

I always prefer to look at the sky when I have bad feelings about my life.The sky is so wide, the moon and the stars just make me feel better.How great the creations of God.

Life without problems is not cool right?So I guess I have to bear with all the troubles that are competing to rush into my life.Yet, the most troublesome dilemma is when it is related with your feelings.How could I ignore others' feelings?Can I be that selfish?Just thinking of it makes me feel guilty.

My father used to tell me that memory is a good thing to be remembered, either it was the good one or the bad one.But papa, your daughter is not strong enough to bear with all of the memories in her life.I try hard to delete all the bad memories in my mind.I wish I have a quite large and enough space of dustbin to dispose all the memories.How fool I am to think something like that.But I know I actually have to learn from the bad memories.For better future.So that I will never repeat the same mistakes again.Thanks for your advice papa.Your daughter understands the situation now =)

To my Soulmate, sorry for giving you a lot of troubles. I know I have to understand you better. I need to be more mature person.How childish I am right?And I have to struggle hard to maintain this feeling towards you.Saya masih bertahan dear.

Sekarang, listening to Love You Yes-Couple::while looking at the sky::finish this entry.Now I feel relieve and great.

Hope the night sky will always been occupied by the moon and the stars ;D

Friday, December 4, 2009

~ FiGhTiNg SpiRiT ~

waaa...lepas da struggle nak check result.dengan website buat hal...lagi bertambah berdebar nak tau Alhamdulillah...hasil yang tidak berapa mengecewakan.sume lulus...hehe...
pointer pown bley tahan sikit walaupun memang rase macam hancur jea sem nie...ada 1 subjek yang agak mengganggu prestasi. tapi da nasib coz banyak bermain dan kurang memang konfem kena struggle lebih utk new sem...haishhh...kalau tak mesti kecewa...huhu

sekarang baru nak sedar yang time belajar main2 sangat...bila da dapat result yang cukup-cukup makan jea baru nak insaf...sebelum ini takde pulak terfikir ape akibat kalau tak fokus.apa boleh buat...da memang kebanyakan ragam pelajar sebegitu rupa.time exam or kuiz jea baru nak bukak buku ;p.selain dari waktu genting camtu,enjoy laa i wish i can be more hardworking student.

p/s: yet, still have to struggle for next sem. * fighting everybody ;)) *