Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~ when LoVeRs become StRaNgeRs ~

am currently listening to Coldplay songs. the songs always sooth me. like you're surrounded by the beauty of nature and there's nothing to bother you.

I read somewhere that if you're going to cry, you can recite the colour of things to make it stop. green tree, yellow skirt, blue sky, blue jeans, blue eyes. it may work sometime, but not all the time. how I miss to talk to someone. it's amazing, some people, they just say these small little things, one sentence and it changes the way you fell about them in an instant. small little words that can hurt you so much or make you fall deeply in love forever. it changes everything. nothing between you is ever really the same again, even if they don't know it. and I don't blame you for questioning why people fall in love.

the truth is, strangers became friends for some unknown reasons. some friends become lovers eventually. then, when lovers cannot work things out and break-up, almost always, they end up becoming total strangers again. it has been a cycle. and it must not be.

it's such a shame when lovers become strangers.