Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~ GrAcEfuLnEss oF aN eLePhAnT ~

people loves to make promises...I hate them...because the promises never have been fulfilled...

even I try not to trust. I tend to put too much hope on the promises...fool me.

in a relationship, i discover something. LOVE & HATE.
there's a fine line between love and hate. love frees a soul and in the same breath can sometimes suffocate it. I walked that tight rope with all the gracefulness of an elephant, my head weighing me to the side of hate, my heart hoisting me to the side of love.

it was a wobbly journey and sometimes I fell. sometimes I fell for long periods of time but never for too long. never for as long as this.

I'm not asking to be liked. I've never yearned to be liked, nor am I asking to be understood fully. when I behaved that way, when I left by your side, let go of your hand, hung up the phone, even I had difficulty liking me, understanding me.

but it's just how I was.
how I was.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

~ bRiBeRy ~

semalam baru jea dapat rezeki lebih...hasil sewaan kereta yang agak lumayan ;)
so, saya dan kekanda bercadang nak dinner sama2...kami keluar jea uni dengan perasaan teruja tanpa menyedari 'pemangsa-pemangsa' yang sudah sedia menanti. once sampai kat trafik light kat satu simpang, dengan konfidennya kekanda belok sambil melanggar lampu merah.huu...minta perhatian...kami dah biasa buat macam tu..dah habit...cuma malang tak berbau...semalam tetiba ada pegawai2 jpj pulak elok buat operasi kat simpang tu...haish...

apa yang saya concern from that incident is rezeki yang pegawai2 tersebut dapat. incik kekanda went out to negotiate with the officer. then came toward the car and took rm50, so we were released after that.kekanda beritahu yang saman for langgar lampu merah suppose rm300 tapi after dapat duit kopi rm50-dilepaskan...

i am really grateful because we have to pay rm50-at least. i know it is really our mistake for not obeying the traffic rules but i just wonder does that mean that we had bribe the officer? and does that indicate that the officer actually intended to receive the bribery?dunia sekarang sudah tidak selamat...people tends to do anything...even bad things. as long as they do not get into trouble. i finally realize...

p/s: hilang rm50 dari rezeki sewa kereta...huuu...