Friday, December 31, 2010

~ I LoVe YoU, I nEEd YoU ~

it's not easy to be me. when I'm around you.
I don't know how to make jokes with you as sister always do.
I don't know what to talk with you, compared to mama.
I want to tell you everything that happened in my life.
or maybe because I'm the eldest, you make me be independence.

but at time like this,

I really want to be by your side, I want to give you strength.
PAPA, do hold on. please get well soon.
I long to see your smile again.

Monday, December 27, 2010

~ sYaBaS Harimau Malaya!!!! ~

AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 finals : Malaysia beat Indonesia 3-0 in their first leg match played in National Stadium, Bukit Jalil :)

I'm glad that I could watch the match at the stadium. the Malaysian players were great even Indonesian players tried to make 'interesting scene' during the play. high salute to the players especially the hero, Safee Sali. like you more lah...hehe. however, there's still bad attitudes from the crowds. main lempar bunga api lah, mencarut tak tentu pasal lah, campak botol air lah. haish...shame...shame...grow up people. kalau setakat datang tengok bola nak bikin situasi, baik minum hot chocolate sambil tengok kat rumah. mana hilang semangat kesukanan penyokong Malaysia tadi. but then, great job, players from both team. harap-harap match kat Indonesia nanti fair & square lah yerk.

Hero Harimau Malaya: Safee Sali - moga jadi lebih hebat di Bung Karno!

Malaysia Boleh! ceh, tetiba baru ada semangat patriotisme ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

~ HeLLo FiNaL yEaR ~

new semester has started. I'm taking only 13 credit hours this semester. but, the subjects sure are killing me:

  • topics for islamic literature
  • world literature
  • language for occupational purpose
  • linguistics for literature
  • arabic
  • automotive skill
see. the literature subjects are much more than the linguistics subject. me likey ^_*. linguistics can bring pressure to me at some time even I am majoring in combination.

bersempena sem baru, kena ada azam. so, for this new sem, I aim to study in relax mode. why? because I have to enjoy every moment of it =). buat ape nak stress sem kot.hik3. another aim is to have a super good time with my friends. iyelah...nanti dah tak berpeluang nak beronggeng dan berfoya-foya lagi kan.. yosh...what's the most important is I have to maintain my achievement. hopefully. for those who are also in final year, lets get through this year with satisfaction.yeah. good luck everybody!!! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

~ m0mEnTs ~

above are the only pictures that I have during my one month holiday. I guess I spend more time at home even though it seems nothing beneficial that I've done. it's good to spend time with your family and friends. or I rather say it was an awesome moment. because I might not be able to spend those precious moment again. everyone will be graduating. friends will have their own future to think of. there may no time to hang out soon. so, I really appreciate my final year as an undergraduate student because I know I will miss this journey the most. the time where I was late for handing my assignments, the period when I was taking the killer subjects, the time when I wanted to release all the stress. I am grateful that I have my friends. thank you  =)