Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~ LiFe is BriEf ~

life is made up of meetings and partings. people come into your life everyday, you say good morning, you say good evening, some stay for a few minutes, some stay for a few months, some a year, others a whole lifetime. no matter who it is, you meet and then you part.

setiap pertemuan dan perpisahan yang Tuhan tentukan pasti ada sebabnya. dan di sebalik sebab- sebab itu pasti terselit hikmahnya. dalam bulan ini sahaja, saya mendapat lima berita tentang kematian orang tersayang kepada kawan-kawan saya. salam takziah kepada ahli keluarga mereka dan sama-sama kita sedekahkan al-Fatihah.

apa yang membuatkan saya terfikir, hidup ini tak panjang. sudah banyak perkara yang membuang masa yang dah dilakukan. ada waktu yang lebih banyak dihabiskan bersama teman berbanding keluarga sendiri. kita tidak akan sedar selagi kita biarkan diri kita hanyut. tiada niat untuk tuding jari kepada sesiapa hanya sekadar peringatan bersama.

it's difficult to know which second among a lifetime of seconds is more special. often when you realise how precious those seconds are, it's too late for them to be captured because the moment has passed. we realise too late. and when that happens there is no use of regret. have a good life people. appreciate every moment with your love ones =)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~ HoPiNg FoR MiRacLeS ~

as we grow up..we often have to make decision in life and sometimes question about it.


what to do when faced with two choices???
a person used to tell me...
simple.toss a coin. it works not because it answers the question for you. but because while the coin is in the air, you suddenly realize what you are hoping for.and now I realize that it might be true.

tapi, ape-ape pun sebagai Muslim...the best way is absolutely by is the only way to get the right answers for your decision. and make sure that you will never regret about your answer.
Miracle doesn't happen by itself people, you must ask for it...and only HIM can give it to you =)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~ cHiLdHooD ~

" there is always one moment in childhood when the doors open and let the future in."- Deepak Chopra

After all this "growing up" I can honestly say I love swings... I can still recall the first time I learnt to swing by myself and that awesome butterfly feeling in my stomach. I think I've outgrown this particular swing though :p

It's funny the memories that stay with you through time and it's sad when I think of all the days in my life where I actually can't remember what I did or what my thoughts were. time passes so fast though. how I miss my childhood time- with no responsibility and full of innocence.

now I've come to my adulthood yet still with no maturity. I know I've to move on with no regrets. but the memory of childhood will still be alive as from there I learn to be who I am- a girl on her swing after fighting with the feeling of nervous. and I'll never GIVE UP.

p/s: ada sape2 mau me to push their swing? ;D

Monday, April 12, 2010

~ LoVe uR FaMiLy ~

*love u all so much*

ramai orang cakap duit itu penting...betul ke????

I know about a true story...suatu petang, tiga beradik pergi ke satu pesta jualan bersama ayah mereka. tetapi sebelum itu, ayah mereka pergi ke bank untuk mengeluarkan duit dan meninggalkan tiga beradik tersebut untuk meng 'explore' barangan dulu. sekembalinya ayah mereka ke pesta tersebut, beliau bercadang untuk kembali ke pesta tersebut pada malam hari... mereka sekeluarga pulang tanpa membeli ape-ape barang. at night, baru the siblings know that their father tidak dapat mengeluarkan duit pada petang tadi...tanpa sebab yang munasabah.

this story touched me because their father put his children's needs as the priority even though he knew he did not have enough money. and he can not afford to buy his own things with full satisfaction.

as for me, i absolutely agree that money is important. duit amat penting untuk hidup di zaman ini. however, i know that money can't buy happiness as it is so precious. at such time, baru nak sedar kesilapan2 yang dah terlanjur sebelum to my family, i love all of you so much with all my heart...above all matter what happen.

p/s: moral of the story..kena lebih berjimat coz malang tidak berbau.we never know what might come people =)