Sunday, December 29, 2013

~ Summer Dream ~

I stopped at a traffic light. He was driving behind me and from the rear mirrors, I could see that he was laughing. He must have had a good time and that was the first time I saw him together with her. That was 3 months ago. I know he have moved on. Or maybe he didn't, he just pretend like he did. 

Tonight, we met swiftly at a restaurant. He was wearing a red shirt and blue jeans, sitting in front of me with puffy smokes coming from his mouth and nose. Despite the shadows, noises and heat, he caught my eyes instantly. We still make fun of each other and laugh wholeheartedly like old times. I could feel the familiarity lingering in the air between us. The subtle smile he had when he saw me, the ramblings about dreams and future. Everything about him is magical.

3 months ago, I felt that his happiness like a betrayal.
3 months ago, when the lights turned green, he took a right turn. I drove straight.

Tonight, he still take a right turn but there is me beside him. There I realized life is a joke. When you meet your love, even though he looks close, he is far if you go. But meeting him like that, I feel as if I'm kidding myself into believing that he is close. Despite all that, he is still the relief to my misery. That much is enough. I've woken up from my dream. From now on I'm going to be your silent shadow.  I finally made up my mind. Tough but not the toughest. I need to do that, to live.

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